Land Packages

    A Land Package is defined as a vacation based at one resort / hotel / lodge, etc. only. This can be an all-inclusive beach resort with spa, pool and multiple dining areas & lounges, or a Dude Ranch in the mountains, maybe a ski chalet vacation, or golf resort, etc.


    These are pretty straightforward “logistically”, as the vacation is based around staying at one property. Once you find the right one for you, then air to get there and back along with transfers between the airport and accommodations both ways, perhaps adding on travel insurance and you are all set!


    You can either reserve each travel component separately (air, accommodations & transfers), or as a ‘bundled package” as they are called in the industry. Many times these bundles provide a lower overall cost, and always offer much more convenience in researching, selecting and booking your bundled package. The travel companies that provide these bundled package have sophisticated software with user friendly portals for you to easily research, find and book your package. Let them worry about coordinating the timing of everything, ensuring that each component is integrated properly! A word of advice and caution; typically the lowest priced package is presented which often has a poor air schedule, many times with a late flight landing close to midnight on the first day of travel, connecting with a flight leaving very early the next morning. This means one less night in a hotel which is why the price is so much lower than you expect. MAKE SURE YOU REVIEW THE FLIGHTS CAREFULLY before you accept and purchase these mostly non-refundable packages.


    Speaking to a human being to make reservations is possible typically, however these packages are designed to be instantly accessible with live inventory online, with full descriptions, pictures, and amenities offered, and the high cost of labor makes it prohibitive for these companies to hire numerous staff to answer calls. The staff is typically more geared towards taking your orders, offering minimal advice, typically they will direct you to their website to learn more as their level of expertise typically does not go much beyond the same info that you see online yourself. These companies all have customer service departments accessible by phone, typically providing a 24 hour “emergency” or “hot line” number for your use, provided at time of booking. You can contact them if there are travel issues such as flight delays, or for issues in resort such as not being checked into the room category that you had purchased, etc.


    There are many many operators out there online offering bundled packages. We prefer working with (and suggesting to our clients) travel companies that focus on offering bundled packages only, as opposed to the “Mega-OTA’s” (huge online tour operators as they are called in the industry) such as Orbitz, Expedia, etc. Why? The travel companies that put together bundled packages are extremely conscientious and knowledgeable about the properties they offer, examining them to see if they meet their standards before working with them, declining to work with properties they feel would not offer their clients a favorable experience. With Mega-OTA’s, they provide all sorts of product from all over the world, air, car, cruise, hotel, with their business model being contracted pricing that they add on their profit margin and sell pretty much anything, either on their own or bundled up with other components, accepting virtually any travel component out there to add to their portfolio of offerings.






    GO Enterprises recommends the following Land Package Travel Providers:


    With many decades in the industry, there are a few companies that have consistently provided exceptional product, service and value year after year:


    ~ APPLE VACATIONS is well known and very reputable, and the owner of GO-Enterprises has worked at Apple Vacations in management, with insight on the company from the inside. They have an integrated approach to vacation package; owning hotels and transportation companies, therefore controlling the level of service and product provided. A great choice!


    ~ PLEASANT HOLIDAYS; celebrating their 60th anniversary in 2019, coming so very far from their humble beginnings starting with one couple selling package vacation deals to Hawaii. Pleasant Holidays still specializes in Hawaii, however they have greatly expanded their destination offerings, and provide great prices and exceptional service on all of their vacation packages. Best choice for Hawaii!


    ~ FUNJET; a division of Mark Travel is also well known and very reputable, offering a wide variety of bundled packages at great pricing. Over 40 years of travel experience!


    Feel free to research and reserve a bundled land package online directly through these links below.






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