Hello and welcome to our Travel-Specials introduction page, written by GO-Enterprises founder and owner, H, Peter Gartmann, whose career in travel started as a multi-lingual International Tour Director back in 1984.

    GO-Enterprises has a unique philosophy and approach to arranging travel for clients. A typical travel agent has access to general reservation systems that allow them to make reservations for clients who seek to go virtually anywhere. We are not even close to being typical…

    We are not sales people looking to make a sale to wherever it is you want to go, at whatever price point you want. We are knowledgeable travel professionals who are eager to assist you with your travel planning, and want to make sure that we can do so fully and properly so you can fully enjoy yourself, with all of your expectations met or exceeded.

    How do we do so?

    GO-Enterprises focuses on and specializes in specific destinations, providers and themes.

    A brief true story; prior to operating GO-Enterprises full-time I was a travel agent at a “brick & mortar” travel agency. A gentleman walked up to my desk, asked sternly if I knew anything about Tanzania. I said “absolutely”, I’ve been there several times, used to lead travel agents on familiarization tours throughout Tanzania when I worked at Abercrombie & Kent.

    On Safari with A&K in the Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania

    I pulled out a copy of the 2008 – 2009 Abercrombie & Kent Africa brochure, showed him a picture I took while on one of those trips which was the showcase photo for the Tanzania Hemmingway Safari Tour, showing him my name on the photo credits page (photo shown here).

    I also mentioned another trip as a travel professional where I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro with a small group on a philanthropic trip where the participants donated an extra $1000 each to buy a weather monitoring station which was donated to the National Park. (It was purchased and installed in advance and we participated in a ceremony with park officials at the site, at 12,500 feet altitude along the Machame route, picture of yours truly in photo below.) The gentleman, smiled pulled out a chair to sit down and talk further, saying “you’re my man”. He told me that he went to a different travel agency “down the street”, sat down with an agent who said “ummm, yeah” when asked if he knew Tanzania, and the customer then watched him trying to pull up information on the computer, and saw that he didn’t even know how to spell it. The customer got up and left, and came to the agency I worked at, happy to have done so!

    There are many decent agents out there with a good knowledge of some destinations they are familiar with, however there are many agents who don’t have good knowledge of destinations, just knowledge on how to use reservation systems and will spend your money on something they find that they present to you, hoping it’s what you are looking for…

    The subpages of this Travel-Specials main page are consistent throughout our series of specialty websites, and present to you great general information and helpful advice on each subject matter, links to reputable travel provider websites to assist you with your research as well as providing self-service on-line booking options, and travel programs that GO-Enterprises is sponsoring and presenting. Below is a description of each sub-page of our Travel-Specials page.

    We welcome you to our network of websites and wish you happy travels!


    Cruising on oceans or rivers is arguably the most enjoyable, care-free and cost-effective way to travel on vacation! We strongly feel this way, have been on many cruises personally and professionally, and specialize in Cruise Vacations. The Travel industry standard is to present pricing for the cruise only, with the “add-ons” (air, transfers, excursions, insurance, even taxes etc.) priced separately in most cases. So you can make accurate comparisons with cruise pricing that you may find elsewhere, we also present cruise only pricing. Some packages we present may have other components “added-on” to the cruise (typically a pre-cruise hotel stay and / or sightseeing excursions) as a comprehensive program, and the additional services & products will be fully noted.

    Our Cruise Vacations sub-page lists the travel programs that GO-Enterprises is sponsoring and presenting.

    For more information on cruising in general check out our website:


    Tours Programs are multiple night land-based vacations where your accommodations, transportation, and sightseeing are bundled up together in a comprehensive program that immerses you into a country or region. Typically a Tour Director travels along with you throughout the entire program, taking care of the hotel check-ins / outs, dining logistics, informing, advising and even entertaining the group of travelers along the way. A full sized motor-coach can accommodate around 50 travelers which is the maximum for most tour programs. Some more upscale tour programs use smaller vehicles, with group sizes of 16 – 24 or so. Tour Programs will make use of local professional guides who will step on-board your vehicle, take over the microphone and lead the driver through the city / town / region that they are from, know very well, and have experience guiding tours, sharing their knowledge and passion of the area. A nice feature of Tour Programs are that they are typically very comprehensive, handling most every detail from the start of the tour until the end.

    Price points vary, dependent on the star rating of the hotels and restaurants used mostly, along with the level of inclusion, areas visited and length of time spent. Some tours include almost every meal and comprehensive sightseeing daily while others include breakfast only and maybe another meal on occasion, and have plenty of free-time with “optional” excursions that you can pay extra for if you feel like doing so.

    This gives all different types of travelers the ability to select what is right for themselves. Some like plenty of free time to explore on their own, including restaurants and prefer a less expensive less inclusive tour program, others like to have most everything included. As you wish! The purchasing power of a group, even a small one keeps overall costs down tremendously, with discounted group rates at hotels and attractions, along with the cost of the transportation, guides and other services being divided by the entire group, bringing the “per-person” costs way down. Typically the tour program is priced with the entire program cost from point A to Point B with accommodations, meals, sightseeing and admissions to attractions all included in one price. Add-ons such as air, transfers and insurance are extra costs not included.


    A Land Package differs from a Tour Package; being for a vacation based at one resort / hotel / lodge, etc. only. This can be an all-inclusive beach resort with spa, pool and multiple dining areas & lounges, or a Dude Ranch in the mountains, maybe a ski chalet vacation, or golf resort, etc.

    These are pretty straightforward “logistically”, as the vacation is based around staying at one property. Once you find the right one for you, then air to get there and back along with transfers between the airport and hotel both ways, perhaps adding on travel insurance and you are all set.

    On our Land Packages sub-page we have suggestions for travel within our specialty destinations along with information and links to reputable Land Package providers which you can use for self-service reservations to virtually anywhere you desire.


    Sightseeing Excursions are shorter (a day or less) guided excursions through an area of interest, such as a tour of a city, region (Napa Valley Wine Country, Stonehenge, Cuba Tobacco Farms, Denali National Park, etc.). Guides used are typically local, very familiar with the area, passionate about it and proudly sharing their deep knowledge. Travel providers will often simply refer to these as “excursions” dropping the word sightseeing, especially the cruise industry. The word tour is often used as well, which technically is correct as you are touring. Travel Industry “purists” reserve the word tour for multiple day extensive programs, and use “sightseeing excursions” to denote shorter (one day or less) local sightseeing trips.

    Sightseeing Excursions can be on their vehicle (bus, boat, van, train or even plane / helicopter) or walking. They can be public, where you are with others that you do not know who have paid for the sightseeing excursion just as you have. Or, they can be private, where you and your small group of family / friends hire a professional local guide to join you in your vehicle, or walk with you to take you around and provide a sightseeing excursion customized to your tastes, desires, needs and time frame.

    On our Sightseeing Excursions sub-page we have suggestions for travel within our specialty destinations along with information and links to reputable Sightseeing Excursion providers which you can use for self-service reservations to virtually anywhere you desire.


    Very straightforward, detailed explanation certainly not necessary. If you need a night or more at a hotel or B&B this can easily be done on line. If that is the extent of your travel plans, the links we provide offer you great rates and benefits. If you are looking to add on a night or two before / after a cruise or tour program, our travel specialists can help you with all of the connected arrangements.

    On our Hotel / B&B Stays sub-page we have suggestions for travel within our specialty destinations along with information and links to reputable Hotel / B&B providers which you can use for self-service reservations to virtually anywhere you desire.


    On our Airline Tickets sub-page we have suggestions for travel within our specialty destinations along with information and links to further information on schedules, pricing and more.


    Car rentals can be a great way to enjoy an area on vacation, or as a smart cost-effective way to get from point to point. Transfers are defined as getting from point to point, such as between airports / cruise ports / hotels, etc. Sometimes a car rental is a good choice for your needs, sometimes using a transfer vehicle (either public or private) is a better option.

    On our Car Rentals / Transfers sub-page we have suggestions for travel within our specialty destinations along with information and links to reputable Car Rental, and Transfer providers which you can use for self-service reservations virtually anywhere you desire.


    Perhaps the last thing on many travelers’ minds, can be considered optional as opposed to other travel requirements such as air to get there and back, and transfers to get from the airport to the cruise or hotel, etc., but nonetheless very important!

    Travel Protection Insurance is becoming increasingly important. To protect your investment and be able to recoup any losses due to a last minute trip cancellation or interruption because of an emergency is great peace of mind for such a small cost. Perhaps even more importantly; to have emergency health insurance coverage while traveling, including medical evacuation, can be vital if your personal insurance company provides little to no coverage for you while traveling internationally (which is typically the case).

    Insurance costs are based on your dates of travel, cost of the trip, your age, State of residence and of course where you are traveling to. There are many nuances and “small print” legalese that can be unclear to those without travel insurance experience, yet extremely important to know in advance. One such example; it is clearly noted on travel insurance websites that one must purchase the travel insurance within about 2 weeks in order to have pre-existing conditions covered. You may think “no big deal” as you and your travel companions do not have pre-existing conditions. However, that clause ALSO APPLIES TO NON-TRAVELING FAMILY MEMBERS, which is not prominently stated on most websites (deep within the small print somewhere). This means if you are care-taking elderly parents for example, and a condition one of them has been treated for previously flares up and requires a hospital stay that makes you want to cancel your trip to care for them; it may not be covered if you didn’t purchase insurance within their specified time-frame for pre-existing condition coverage (usually with two weeks of your first travel purchase).

    We can write 100 plus pages of insurance tips, advice, and helpful suggestions but not all of them will apply specifically to you, nor would you or anybody want to read 100 pages of travel insurance tips.  We highly recommend consulting with a travel professional who specializes in travel insurance!

    We strongly feel that travel insurance is very important for one’s peace of mind before travelling, and if needed and engaged, can save you thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars.

    Our Travel Insurance sub-page has more information, advice, and suggestions; however we are not providing links to travel insurance providers as we strongly feel you should consult a knowledgeable travel professional who can assess your personal situation and customize and insurance package and quote based on your specific needs, and that you should do so right away to ensure full maximum coverage.

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