Seller of Travel Regulations

    GO-Enterprises is fully legal to operate within the U.S. State which is our home base (currently Illinois), with our one and only office. Different countries and different states have various rules / regulations / laws pertaining to the seller of travel to residents within their state / country. These regulations may apply to purchasing travel from vendors outside of the state or country which you, the travel consumer, resides in.

    Our preferred travel vendors / providers are all reputable companies operating on a large scale with their own adherence to various laws / regulations stipulated by various states / countries.

    As our websites contain self-service booking links, the onus is on the travel consumer to ascertain whether or not their purchasing of travel products through our network of websites in any way, shape or form, from GO-Enterprises directly, through a direct link to a travel vendor GO-Enterprises has provided, or through an ad that was placed onto our site while you are on it by an ad service that may or may not use your cookies to provide said ad.

    GO-Enterprises strives hard to maintain 100% compliance with any and all laws and regulations pertaining to travel sales in all ways, at all times. If you have any questions, please check with your local travel regulatory authorities, and feel free to contact us any time through the contact form of the website of your choice for further clarification.

    We wish you happy, safe and legal travels at all times!

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