Image Usage & Attribution

    GO-Enterprises showcases photos and videos which were taken and provided by a wide variety of methods. We shall always provide the appropriate and proper photo credit at all times (unless the photographer / provider does not wish to or require to be credited, rare but it does occur).

    We try to use our own photos and videos whenever possible to provide a true, proven and verifiable visual enhancement to the information that we are presenting. We do accept photo and video submissions from clients who we have assisted with their travel arrangements, giving proper credit to the photographer if they desire. Occasionally, in order to present full & proper information to those visiting our websites, we may use photos or videos from third party vendors such as Pixabay.

    We strive to provide an accurate description of the photo or video so you, the viewer, will know what you are looking at so if interested in seeing that for yourself you know where it is. In some cases, such as photos of the northern lights, or a sailboat at sea, etc., we may not know the exact location which in these and other cases would not matter. Those same northern lights in the photo would be visible for hundreds of miles, and the ocean surface surrounding the sailboat would be the same hundreds of miles away as well, for example. In these examples we would provide a more generic description, such as “northern lights in northern Alaska”, or “Sailboat in the southern Caribbean”.

    In all cases, GO-Enterprises reserves the full rights to all photos and videos, either for ourselves with our own images, or as the agent for the photographer / entity which has provided the image(s). Any commercial use, reproduction, or altering for such use is prohibited. If you desire to use any photo(s) or video(s) displayed on our website, please contact us or the person / entity listed as being credited with that photo or video in order to work on doing so legally.

    If you are a photographer / videographer with interesting, unique photos that may be pertinent to any of our websites, enhancing the information for our viewers, please feel free to contact us through the contact forms of any of our websites to discuss this further.

    We certainly hope the images presented enhance your understanding of the destination or travel type presented, assisting you in your decision making process and travel planning!

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