This landlocked central European country is synonymous with spectacular Alpine beauty, chocolate & cheese. Throw in superb skiing & other winter sports along with an extremely efficient infrastructure, highest levels of safety and numerous lodging, dining & attraction options and you can understand why there are more annual visitors to Switzerland then there are residents (right around 8 million total residents).

    Swiss Alps ~ Courtesy of GO-Enterprises

    GO-Enterprises specializes in Switzerland, with our founders family heritage being Swiss, along with many weeks spent in Switzerland, both as a Professional Tour Director and many personal trips; we know it well!

    Famous natural sights such as the Matterhorn, Lake Lucerne and majestic alpine fields of purple lavender, along with world class cities such as Geneva and Zurich are all easily accessible by their equally famous train system. Roads are impeccably maintained so the freedom of traveling by car is a joy here as well. With the entire country being about the same size as the US state of Colorado, distances and times between areas is very minimal, and very easily navigable.  Even though Switzerland does not have a coastline, there are navigable rivers throughout Europe, with the Rhine River being a major waterway which runs along the norther and eastern borders, and into a section of east central Switzerland.  Luxury River Cruises between Basel, Switzerland and Amsterdam are well-established and an incredible way to visit central Europe!

    Costs are typically quite high in Switzerland; however there are accommodations and dining options at every budget level. Switzerland enjoys all four seasons, and has areas and attractions of appeal to all; young or not so young, adventurous or not, those seeking romance or relaxation, families, friends or solo travelers.

    When chatting with other travelers, when asked “what is your favorite place”, many a time you will hear past visitors exclaim with delight that Switzerland tops their list of favorite places!

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