Alaska is a vast state, by far the largest, with an incredible variety of geography ranging from rain-forest and coastal areas, to frozen tundra and well-established cities.

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    There are 5 regions, designated by their geographic location:

    SOUTHEAST ALASKA includes the Inside Passage, which is a water passage that extends about 500 miles along the southernmost coast of Alaska that has over 1000 large and small islands that provide ships shelter from the rough waters of the Pacific.

    Regent Seven Seas Mariner in Alaska ~ Courtesy of Regent Seven Seas Cruises

    With these islands on one side and the mainland on the other, numerous pleasure craft from private yachts to ferry boats to mega-cruise ships ply these waters and enjoy the incredible scenery that flows by very close to the ship, easily viewed by all. The stunning beauty of the mountainous terrain along the way; sometimes lush and green with abundant plant life, sometimes austere and forbidding with huge glaciers. All fascinating to watch, along with the abundant wildlife that you may see on shore such as moose, bear, eagles & more; along with marine life ranging from whales of all kinds to salmon, porpoises & more!

    To tour through this area without going via water, well, not so easy. The state capital of Juneau is landlocked accessible only by boat or plane. The other towns of note in this area are connected by roads, however the inland portion is very remote, with limited infrastructure and services, not the best road conditions, long distances to cover with very high gas prices along the way. By air, it would require several “hops” via small plane which is expensive. The towns visited are pretty small and easily explored in a day, so expensive flights and overnights at hotels, really isn’t a good way to visit this area. Via cruise is the best way to visit this region, by far!

    SOUTHWEST Alaska is a nice alternative to the Far North, offering remoteness and excellent wildlife viewing, fishing and scenery yet not as cold or remote. Just west of the heavily visited South Central region, one can head easily here from the main gateway city of Anchorage, or from Seward before or after a cruise.  A great region to experience nature at its finest, such as within Kodiak Island and Katmai National Park & Preserve (where you will find the largest concentrations of Bears found anywhere)!

    SOUTH CENTRAL Alaska includes Anchorage, Alaska’s largest city, Seward and Whittier which are the prime ports for Alaskan cruises, the Kenai Peninsula and Talkeetna which is considered to be the gateway into Denali National Park and Mt. McKinley.

    CENTRAL ALASKA is the next logical region to discuss, which includes Denali Park, and the second largest city in Alaska; Fairbanks.  We strongly recommend that any travel into Alaska include a visit to the stunning Denali National Park. There is a train station along the major route between Fairbanks / Anchorage / Seward, along with a major north – south highway running right up alongside the park. This area books up well in advance during the short peak season in the summer, contact your Alaskan travel specialist as early as possible to make your arrangements!

    FAR NORTH, above central Alaska and the Fairbanks area you will find vast frozen tundra for most of the year, with a very brief spring turning into a short summer, equally brief Autumn and then a long dreary winter. For those adventurous souls who are looking for a unique experience, you can fly into a couple of towns to find your adventure such as Nome or Kotzbue.

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